Top Exterior Home Trends Include Bold Color Choices, Mixed Materials

Consumers have more options than ever before when choosing materials for their home's exterior. Siding has evolved from a lower-quality choice to a stylish solution for homeowners looking to update their home's exterior on a budget thanks to relatively inexpensive material and labor costs paired with an abundance of new color and style options. Bold color choices, mixed materials and the addition of premium trim for a more custom look top the list of consumer siding trends heading into the New Year. Power Home Remodeling Group encourages homeowners to overcome the stigma once attached to vinyl siding and rediscover the endless possibilities of this stronger, more versatile material.

"The popularity of websites like Pinterest and Houzz has inspired homeowners to take risks when designing their home's exterior. Siding can turn an outdated facade into a stunner without breaking the bank. Siding replacement has a solid return on investment as well, allowing homeowners to recoup more than 70 percent of replacement costs at resale," said Ann Sawyer, Power Home Remodeling Group's vice president of Operations.

Vinyl siding can now perfectly mimic expensive architectural accents like wood, stone and slate, making these high-end looks available to budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, many homeowners are experiencing a renewed interest in vinyl siding thanks to advancements in technology that have created a more durable material designed to handle exposure to the elements for the long haul. Modern moisture barriers and foam insulation increase the energy efficiency and weather resistance properties of vinyl siding, and many providers even treat siding to guard against pests — making it a truly low maintenance option.

With renewed consumer interest in siding, Power offers the following trends, tips and best practices to consider when embarking on a vinyl siding replacement project:

Don't be afraid of bold colors: Siding was once limited to eight to 10 color options, but there's now more than 20 colors to choose from. Darker, bolder colors such as deep green and barn red are trending nationally, and exterior color palettes are expanding to include three or more colors as contemporary home designs are more detailed and complex.

Consider unique panel sizes and placements: Vertical board and batten and wide-board siding are growing in popularity as both whole-wall and accent panel options. Plank-style siding with a wide-board look has come back in to popularity, with six and seven-inch exposures the most popular among homeowners.

Mix materials for a custom look: Mixed materials on the same wall are becoming standard, namely on the front exposure of a home. This trend is a result of the recent move to design a home's exterior to complement its natural surroundings. Combining siding with small accents of vinyl stone or brick instantly lends a more custom, high-end feel to the home's facade without the added cost of natural stone.

Boost curb appeal with premium trim: Skimping on trim will automatically leave a home's exterior lacking. Choosing a premium trim in a complementary color will instantly help a home feel more dynamic to passersby. Pair light trim with a darker siding to pack a visual punch as lighter colors help draw the eye to a home's architectural features.

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